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Come Home to Yourself

A home is a place to feel accepted, without judgement, free to express your true self. 

A place to rest, nest and find sanctuary. 

A place to connect, create and celebrate. 

A place... where you can dream.

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Colours of Love is a global community with a global vision: to create positive social change through our personal and collective dream activation.

Through music, art, ceremony and wellness, we share transformational experiences that inspire us to love more, live kinder and dream into a better world together. 

Whether through our intimate online community, or our in-person retreats and gatherings, we warmly welcome you home to embrace your ‘Colours of Love’.

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Dreaming for ourselves and each other

Dream Activation is the process of envisioning what it is you want to create, be, share, or do in the world and birthing it into fruition. 

Bringing together dreamers, doers and believers from around the world, we unite in unforgettable experiences to awaken to our dreams and highest potential.

Online Community


With a monthly programme of inspirational speakers, workshop facilitators, rituals, online gatherings, music mixes and artist interviews, this is a space for dream manifestation that not only activates your dreams, but supports the dreams of others.

We are the change we want to see in the world.


Let us dream a better world, together.


"My Dream begins every day when I wake up"


Our ethos to love and respect ourselves and each other includes the beautiful planet we are blessed to call home.

We are committed to reducing environmental impact at all our events by focusing on creating a better world through education, artivism and sustainable practice.

Our Sustainability

Elegant Ebook workbook Booklet Cover_edited.png


Elegant Ebook workbook Booklet Cover_edited.png

Colours of Love is a global community committed to creating social change through personal and collective dream activation. We achieve this through in-person and online transformational experiences, supporting philanthropic causes and social well-being.

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 To the deepest part of yourselves and each other. 


 Through an international community coming together in their passions.  

All that we are, our hopes and our dreams. For the world, for us all, for evolution.


Our Community


Join our Family!

Sign up to our online community of dreamers, doers and believers making their dreams a reality. Access in-person Dream Activation retreats and celebrations when you sign up online.


Are you ready to step up and into your dreams?

Colours of Love Sounds

Soundtracks for your soul. Music to elevate and expand your heart and mind. Music to dance in your dreams

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