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'Nature Wraps' 

We are thrilled to bring to life a co-creation with One Golden Thread, a sustainable fashion collective dedicated to inspiring a change in our impact on the environment, through their ethically made collections and thought provoking ethos. 

Made from 50% Beechwood trees and 50% Supima cotton the highest grade on the planet, these beautiful pieces are 'literally' like being hugged by the most nurturing of nature. 

With over a 100 ways to wear it, its perfect as a scarf, blanket, sarong and even as a decorative throw, once you have it, you'll never want to let go of it!

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With two pockets for carrying small items, such as mobile phone or valuables, this is everything you need for luxurious comfort and ease. 


Printed with eco-friendly, non toxic inks and made with ultimate respect to the Earth, each piece sold has a beechwood tree planted in it’s place.


Artwork from an original acrylic painting created by artist Danny Mendoza aka Zinc Styles. 10% from each sale is gifted to the artist. 

LIMITED EDITION. Price: £195 including free shipping (worldwide) 


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Co-creation is everything