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'Nature Wraps' 

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We are thrilled to bring to life a co-creation with One Golden Thread, a sustainable fashion collective dedicated to inspiring a change in our impact on the environment, through their ethically made collections and thought provoking ethos. 

Made from 50% Beechwood trees and 50% Supima cotton the highest grade on the planet, these beautiful pieces are 'literally' like being hugged by the most nurturing of nature. 

With over a 100 ways to wear it, its perfect as a scarf, blanket, sarong and even as a decorative throw, once you have it, you'll never want to let go of it!

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With two pockets for carrying small items, such as mobile phone or valuables, this is everything you need for luxurious comfort and ease. 


Printed with eco-friendly, non toxic inks and made with ultimate respect to the Earth, each piece sold has a beechwood tree planted in it’s place.


Artwork from an original acrylic painting created by artist Danny Mendoza aka Zinc Styles. 10% from each sale is gifted to the artist. 

LIMITED EDITION. Price: £195 including free shipping (worldwide) 


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Price: $88 includes shipping (worldwide) 

This is a book of dreams. Interwoven and interconnected. Spirits messages. For the right here right now. A deep dive into the soul. A moment of presence. A chance for you to breathe and just be. A reminder to self of the light and dark of your soul. A journey of life. We traverse to make us whole.

What's in the Gift Bundle?


Your very own Dream Machine Book is printed on 100 % recycled paper. The softcover edition is bound by local artisan book binders. The first edition books are signed whilst stocks last.


This bundle also includes a set of Dream Machine Affirmation Cards. These beauitfully designed tarot-style cards are printed on recycled paper with a luxe matte finish. The Dream Machine Affirmation Cards are a potent way to integrate the wisdom of Lizz's poetry into your daily life and create more of your divine magic to share with the world. Packaged in a display box with an accompanying pocket guide featuring corresponding messages, meanings and excerpts of poetry for each card, as well as a suggested action or intention for the card selection. Written by Lizz Larouge, this is a book in itself, perfectly complementing Dream Machine.


"Welcome to Love" - Limited Edition A2 poster, with poem not featured in Dream Machine. This high vibe poster will lift the frequency in any house.


Visionary Artist, Seer, Poet Lizz Shakti Larouge has been writing poetry for more than 10 years. Downloads from soul and spirit. During 2020 Lizz carefully curated a selection of their transformational poems into a book titled 'Dream Machine'. This project is self-published and comes direct to you from her heart. Talented visionary artist Christina Mikelis has brought Lizz's words to life in art form through her beautiful graphic illustrations.


“Now, more than ever before, in these times of change and uncertainty, the power of the arts and the platform they provide for self-expression enable potent, powerful messages to be shared, enabling us to connect deeply as a conscious collective, rising up to support, uplift and inspire one another. Thank you Lizz for sharing your beautiful heart and soul with the world, I am honoured to be part of this creation.” - Ricki Lake

Co-creation is everything

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